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Weird World News 19th may 2019 German Tourist s try luring Nessie out with Haribo Sweets

Lords prayer

Sample of Red Hour class. Dark Romance Thriller by Scarlet Risque and Tara Keogh. Prologue .My Childhood narrative by Mark Anthony Raines available on Amazon. com 5 STARS recommend

STRANGE VERSE AUDIO BOOK written and narrative by Mark Anthony Raines

The Castle on Sunset. Love. Fame.Death.and scandal at Hollywood s Chateau Mar mont.by Shawn Levy published by Weider field and Nicolson. narrative by Mark Anthony Raines

Grumpy the Cat R. I. P

Willow helps Mary with Anxiety by Mark Anthony Raines. narrative by Mark Anthony Raines

musicfromthemoonLowe_Valley_-_Lullaby_Just_Like_You_watch_the_video_on_YouTube_5 STARS recommend 

Silence by Mark Anthony narrative by Freddy the Freak

A Flash Of Horror by Karina kantas. .Haunted by his Absence. Soul Puppet. Butterfly Effect. information about Katrina Kantas. narrative by Mark Anthony Raines

Ebe.Olie Talking report by Mark Anthony Rain ufo...open triangle ufo .Rake in cornfield

Whitley Srieber

Whitley Srieber

The Galdrabok

The Galdrabok

Holsworthy sidetracked Werewolf 19 05 2019

,Can I have some pigeon slippers Doctor?

I teach the sex acts

I teach the sex acts

Sample of Undressed by Karina kantas available on amazon. com ..narrative Butterfly Effect. Midnight Crawler.The Watcher.by Mark Anthony Raines. 5 STARS Recommend

Sample of Successful Implementation of School Reform by Cleveland Bulach 5 STARS recommend. Introduction narrative by Mark Anthony Raines

In Memory of Barbara Raines. my mum

Holsworthy sidetracked 16 .05 .2019 BIZARRE Ghosts and Demons from Japanese folklore

Area 52 Close Encounters of the Playground kind

Little Match Girl narrative by Freddy the Freak

Horror Poems narrative by Freddy the Freak

Lincolnshire Spirit Seekers Harrogate Ghost walk

SAMPLE of Foreword and Chapter 1Gathering Of Diamonds BY Eric Wilder available on amazon. com 5 STARS recommend

Sample of Clown Occultism by S.Rob available on Amazon. com 5 STARS recommend narrative by Mark Anthony Raines

Coffee And Tea Magick S.Rob 5 STARS recommend On Amazon. com

Frist Museum of Witchcraft Denmark 2220

Translate CT-1 Czech Republic Rub a lic viry Ebe.Olie Talking

Menopause Information

Menopause Information.Www.nhs.uk

callers can call in from the usa and canada 657 383 1512 or skype freedom talk radio1 to speak to us mark and freddie ..horrorforthedoomsouls@gmail.com...Horror for All ..Mark Antony Raines..Freddy the Freak.....Freedom Talk Radio The Station that deals with the real issues such as exposing the authorities for abuse helping those whos been neglected by the nhs raising asbestosis awareness child safety and abuse Exposing the bank frauds ghosts and the paranormal and much much more the peoples station live daily from the highlands of scotland email the shows andy@freedomtalkradio.co.uk or visit the website www.freedomtalkradio.co.uk to listen to old shows see us on twitter facebook linked in and pinterest itunes and mixcloud freedom talk radio we are voices from around the world

@ support mental health awareness remix 

Sample of Magic of Torture Demons. by S.Rob available on Amazon. com narrative by Mark Antony Raines

True Or Just A Bit Of a White Lie by Mark Anthony Raines narrative by Mark Anthony Raines Audio Book

The Hat Man

The Hat man

Lincolnshire Spirit Seekers Podcast 5 Baffling Paranormal Events

Saint Bernard film review By Mark Anthony Raines and Freddy the Freak for Horror for all

Weird World News The UFO and Alien Lovers Festival s 15.05 .2019

Martian Monsters and other stories by Jack Kamen. 5 STARS recommend

Martian Monsters and other stories by Jack Kamen. 5 STARS recommend

Sample of Whistleblower by Terry Morgan www.TJmbooks com 5 STARS recommend Prologue narrative by Mark Anthony Raines

Sample of Only In It For The Parking by Lee Ridley aka lost voice guy narrative by Mark Anthony Raines

Audio Book sample narrative by Amy Landon.On Audible. Evil Archaeology .Demons.Possessions And Sinster Relics BY Heather Lynn

Sample of Evil Archaeology. Demons.Possessions And Sinster Relics BY Heather Lynn. Available on Amazon. Co.uk. Introduction The Devil made me do it NARRATIVE BY MARK ANTHONY RAINES

Anthrortheology .Searching for God in Man Dr Heather Lynn 5 STARS RECOMMEND

The Sumerian Controversy. A Special Report. The Elite Structure Behind the Latest Discovery Near UR.Dr Heather Lynn AVAILABLE ON AMAZON CO UK 5 STARS RECOMMEND.

Dr.Heather Lynn

Dr. Heather Lynn's Story

Dr. Heather Lynn is an author, historian, and renegade archaeologist, on a quest to uncover the truth behind ancient mysteries. Heather has explored the reaches of the unknown on a personal quest to find the truth about human origins. She broke away from mainstream academia after realizing that much of what we know about our history is based solely on the consensus of elite, often politically motivated, individuals and institutions. Now, Heather is on a mission to expose our hidden history, challenging the accepted narrative found in our history books. 

While an undergraduate, she discovered the extent of how deep academic corruption could go. After earning her associate degree in archaeology, she continued to study anthropology and history, earning her MA in History. Her thesis examined the intersection of class inequality, consumer culture, propaganda, and public education in Early Modern Europe. She went on to pursue her doctorate in education at the University of New England. Her dissertation raises questions about the pedagogical value of digital technologies in museums. As a life-long learner, she regularly participates in professional development courses and holds certificates in Human Osteoarchaeology from Leiden University and Archeoastronomy from Politecnico di Milano.

After much soul searching, she turned down a traditional position in academia to venture down a more spiritual path, becoming an ordained minister and earning a doctorate in Comparative Religion. Heather is a member of professional organizations, including: the American Historical Association, the Society for Historical Archaeology (SHA), Association of Ancient Historians, and World Archaeological Congress. Although Heather Lynn is a scholar, it is her open-minded approach that makes her a true renegade. Her research includes hidden history, ancient mysteries, mythology, folklore, the occult, symbolism, paleocontact, and consciousness. 

In addition to regular appearances on podcasts and radio programs  like Coast to Coast AM, Heather Lynn has been a historical consultant for television programs, including History’s Ancient Aliens. Her own show, Digging Deeper, is now available on YouTube, iTunes, TuneIn, Stitcher, and Spotify.
In her spare time, she plays the French horn in a local symphony orchestra whose performances raise money to provide art and cultural education to low-income communities. She loves tennis, classical music, and a good cup of tea.  

Sample of Blood Of Angels (Eioud Chronicles Book 1 by Dulce Amor Soriano available on amazon. com narrative by Mark Anthony Raines

Bone Ring read by Freddy the Freak

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