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Aug 18th, 2018 by Holsworthy mark show no 1 in Southwest England at 9:07 am

The R.I.F.T Network.Knowledge From Behind The Veil ..Host Anan Celeste..Knowledge From Behind The Veil/ Introduction to the Occult 12/13 by The R-I-F-T- Network | Paranormal Podcasts: For the seeker and the initiate this is a space to explore and try on new and old beliefs in the visible and the invisible. Ancient knowledge and new aplications combined to achieve a better understanding of the universe. Where spirit and science dance around often. To help decode the programing of the cosmos through the rediscovery of who we are. In this episode we will emerge ourselves in what we define as the occult or 'hidden knowledge'. As active participants in this universe is important to understand the terminology and complexity of what the ancients called 'The Arcanum' . All those experiences and mind experiments that the human being is linked to, in time and space. We will peek into the terms and paths that have led millions to illumination or to simply put it, re integration to the cosmic unity. We will cover religions, practices and terminology that gives us a front seat on how big thinkers and philosophers came to see our universe. Join Anan Celeste and Rene Hert in the conversation to add incredible life experiences and of course how the world sees the occult and its applications. Follow us in Facebook: You Tube: Blogger:

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