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S.Rob Attack Magic
Jul 27th, 2018 by Holsworthy mark show no 1 in Southwest England at 5:08 am

S Rob is a writer and occult consultant from the north of England. He is the member of the worlds oldest paranormal research society: "The ghost club" founded in 1862. He is a winner of an outstanding achievement award and has a BA(HONS) from the Open University. He says he takes his inspiration from what he perceives in all his senses and all ways and therefore is inspired constantly by this fascinating world in which we all live. "What we see in this world is but the out side of an onion: with many other skins below this one. We just need to search and all manner of wonders will become clear." Or better still buy one of his books and let him do it for you.

See my web pages Attack Magic..This magick shows a method of summoning the deceased but still legendary William Ewart Fairbairn. He created defendu laters renamed gutterfighting. He survivied as a policeman in Shanghai the most dangerous ports in the world at the time. He also constructed a method for other policeman to use. But then started world war 2 and he then had to train the allied forces. Now he can help you have the life you want.

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