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Sheri Kirkendall .Author .Devils Dump .Satan’s Loophole
Oct 12th, 2019 by Holsworthy mark show no 1 in Southwest England at 9:22 pm



I was born and raised in Alliance, Ohio. I bounced between Alliance and Columbus Ohio until I was a senior in high school. My dad died when I was 3 so I lived with grandparents until my mom remarried when I was 7 and we moved to Columbus. After she remarried my step-dad and I did not get a long so I moved back and fourth about 6 times. I started reading in earnest when I was when I go my first pair of glasses when I was in 5th grade. It became the joy of my life. I always had a book in my hand. I also wrote imaginary stories in my head that could become very involved and last nor months. I never even considered writing them down. They were all genres from monsters chasing me through the streets of Alliance after I found a secret passage way out of my grandma's house thru her hat collection. In Columbus the imaginings were more me being someone else who had a better life.


I began writing poetry and short stories in Junior High. I save most of them but they were destroyed when my grandma's basement flooded. Then later when I was in charge of my church newsletter I started writing short stories .... some fiction and some Bible based and the majority of those I have saved and some are in the NOTES section of my Facebook page and some on my blog.


I suppose before I get too far down the road I should mention I married at age 24 to Jerry Kirkendall. We had a beautiful daughter Heather and he had two sons, Danny and Jeff. (Heather had two children Jalen and Alexi) Jerry died just after our 20th anniversary and his son Jeff died not long after that. I didn't do much writing during this period because I spent most of the time reading every book I could get my hands on. Jerry and I owned two businesses. One was a sports card shop but that was kind of a side thing. We owned an printed circuit board company which I was able to keep open after his death for about 5 years. Then technology changed and I closed it. I was also in a near fatal auto accident the affects of which I still deal with today.  (Other jobs I had ... I drove a taxi cab on summer just for the adventure of doing it; I worked for a potter for a winter; I worked for a tv station and then I decided to try and be an author full time.


As I mentioned i did a lot of writing for our church news letter and that is how Devils Dump came into being. Over about a 5 years time frame I included a chapter at at time in the newsletter. When I retired many friends and family encouraged me to get it published (easier said than done) but because they kept encouraging me I decided to rewrite Devils Dump as a novel. It only took me two months from the time I rewrote it to publishing on Create Space ... I did all the proofing myself and I must stay I made lots of errors. I am currently in between other thing rewriting for a second printing and expanding things reader requested i explain in more depth) As soon as it was published I began book two Satan's Loophole ... it took me a couple of months to write the first draft. I sent copies out to friends and a preacher to proofread... SOmething changed in my life and I didn't get back to Satan's loophole until early 2019.  I gathered all the proofread books, corrected what needed corrected and did a little expansion and sent it to KDP (so upset createspace was gone) in July 2019. In the mean time I am about 1/2 way thru the final book in the series. .It's discouraging knowing I have a good story and everyone who has read it has really like it ...  sadly not all that many people have read it. A lot more people are reading Devils Dump now due to the sequel being out but not a lot are reading the sequel


I am retired ... so have all the time in the world to write but due to those injuring from the auto accident my hand only last so long.

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