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Sarah Jackson
Oct 5th, 2018 by Holsworthy mark show no 1 in Southwest England at 11:59 pm


Name: Sarah Jackson

I am 22 years old, from Zanesville, Oh. Originally. All my life I have been sensitive to the paranormal and I am officially the full time psychic medium for Thru The Veil Investigations. I am a practicing Wiccan. I truely love nature and family,  I try to be kind to every person and creature. I sing and write as well music is a huge part of my life. My mother is a sensitive as well, and that ability has been passed throug 4 generations of women on my mom's side. I love being a medium, I feel like i can genuinely help people in a way that is so unique and incredible. I really enjoy history so getting to go into these places with such rich pasts and so many stories is just so awesome and it is so cool to learn more about the local history of this area. Anyway I am so lucky to have this life and I want to live it to the fullest!

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