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Aug 2nd, 2019 by Holsworthy mark show no 1 in Southwest England at 10:01 pm

Author Bio

Patricia Mills (Penke), was born in Lowell, Massachusetts during the late 1950s.

The city of Lowell is also known as "The cradle of the American Industrial Revolution."

Her mother, aunts and uncles, all worked in the mills during the mid-century.


Born into quite the adventurous family. My father was in the military and had been stationed to several bases throughout my childhood. Precious moments with family included searching for-

Old West ghost towns, Black Beard’s treasure among North Carolina’s coastline, and Druid caves in Massachusetts. Additionally, I helped dig for Civil War relics and old bottles in Virginia and prospected for gold in Alaska during the 1960s. (By all rights she I was considered a prospector at age 9.)

Years later, my interest turned into a different type of treasure hunting: Searching for collectible antiques and remnants of America’s nostalgic history.

I’ve has been-

•Involved in the antique retail market collectible antiquing market for over 22 years.

•The CEO and manager of a travel agency for over 23 years, and I’ve traveled around the world

•CEO and manager of an estate sales liquidation company for over 10 years, and Involved in extensive research of collectible buying trends to achieve lucrative, successful sales.

•Written articles for well-known magazines (Vintage Life of the U.K.) and online nostalgia-related sites

•Author of the

•Author of the book, "Stop Throwing Cash in the Trash: Your Guidebook to Finding Hidden Treasure and Transforming Them into Huge Profits,” in 2016.

I would like to share my knowledge for “turning trash into cash” with others who would like to earn a substantial amount of extra income, with a minimal amount of upfront cash invested, by finding and reselling less-obvious, unique vintage treasure. Unfortunately, we are unknowingly sending these hidden treasures off to landfills simply because of value misconceptions.

Most vintage items are worthy of salvaging for their collectability not only for their uniqueness and value, but also because of their historic background. (Everything has an interesting story!)

Additionally, I want to educate people on how to increase their profit margin when conducting an estate sale for a loved one.

I’ve been interviewed on podcasts and written scripts and produced her own PBS TV show; and been featured on the local news where I discussed my hidden treasure finds as well as my knowledge in current collecting trends.

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