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Melanie and Megan Vincent_Researchers_Investigating_The_Paranormal_2013
Jul 29th, 2018 by Holsworthy mark show no 1 in Southwest England at 9:03 pm

@Holsworthy podcast show @Melanie and Megan Vincent_Researchers_Investigating_The_Paranormal_2013..As a child I had some unexplained happenings going on that scared me. As I got older and had more things happen around me I learned to live with it. In 2008 i got started at the Hotel Conneaut a former friend of mine was going there quite often and was telling me about the activity From there we met lots of teams got lots of advice and just learned so much. We decided to officially start a group in 2013. At that time we decided to help as many as we can. To help take some of the fear out of the paranormal. So with our private investigation we try to educate the clients and remove Hollywood from their thoughts. We have ventured to many places since then. I also am a board member of the Warren Heritage Center at The Kinsman House in Warren Ohio. Where we have community events. I am in charge of any paranormal investigations at the mansion.
Some of the places I've been ....
Hotel Conneaut.
Prospect place
Hillview Manor
The Bissman building
Mansfield reformatory
Hinsdale House
Madison Seminary
Moundsville prison
The Buffalo terminal
Lickin Co. Jail
The Cortland opera house
The Knickerbockers
The House of Wills
Trans Allegheny lunatic asylum
And I will be at Waverly Hills tomorrow and Bobby Mackeys on thurs afternoon
I also host paranormal/ psychic fairs as a fund raiser for the team so we can continue our search into the paranormal. Facebook group link..

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