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Oct 20th, 2018 by Holsworthy mark show no 1 in Southwest England at 4:52 am

Mary Willemsen. ..

who is Mary?


Founder of ghost talk  paranormal investigations  and work as a lone wolf with a lot off paranormal teams and urbex teams in the netherlands.

together with my best friend petra i started in 2016 Ghost talk on social media in the netherlands . We have twitter, instagram, YouTube, Facebook group and like pagina's.  We started doing live streams with different people out off the paranormale and spirituel field to get more in the open. What they do and why they do it.Petra and since a few months  Veronique are supporting  me and helps me with all ideas , intervieuws and getting more intervieuws on facebook.


i dont talk much about myself and what i do,its more what we do as a team. Its the whole idea whats important to me.


Reikimaster in Usui,kundalini,Necari and violette flame reiki

Work with angellinks and hand on healings

Intuitive,healing  , relaxing and hot stone massages ,counselor

Hypnoses and regression therapist

Trance healing


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