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Marnie Hill …A Soul’s Journey by Marnie Hill
Jun 14th, 2019 by Holsworthy mark show no 1 in Southwest England at 11:36 pm

Marnie is a well-known, sought out Evidential Physical Medium and Grief Support Coach. As a Spiritual Medium Marnie talks to loved one's in Heaven.

Born with the ability to connect with  spiritual worlds, she is honoured to share her gift that has helped so many over the years. Since the age of five Marnie has been connecting to the afterlife. Her ability to feel, see, hear, and read spirit energy is impeccable and the messages she provides are life changing. She is a real medium and really does talk to your departed loved ones.

Marnie doesn't use any tools, she talks to souls in Heaven, no cards or divination tools are needed. Marnie uses and believes in the power of prayer.

People who have a reading with Marnie say "she is a life changer, an incredibly gifted medium and someone who not only brings comfort and healing into their world, but a person who helps individuals and families through the journey of grief, while providing strong spiritual guidance and knowledge when needed. " Most of Marnie's clients are referred from previous clients, current clients and from professionals within the counselling & mental health industry. This says a lot about her ability and credibilty.Link to Book A Souls Journey By Marnie Hill..5 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟recommended

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