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Maria Schmidt..National Ghost Hunting Day
Jul 25th, 2018 by Holsworthy mark show no 1 in Southwest England at 3:41 am  Schmidt..As Founder and President of Haunted Journeys, Maria is inspired in community collaboration within the paranormal field, to enhance public awareness for the science of the paranormal investigation within the realm of para-psychology studies. High in Maria’s focus with the work she applies is historical preservation, declaring "A Haunting is History seeking to be Heard." As a Registered Nurse, her experiences with the after-life were heightened working with gerontology and the death & dying stages of life. Later as an operator of one of the most haunted inns in Florida, her curiosity for scientifically approaches were further intensified. With enthusiasm and relentless drive to research the mystery with methodical best practices, she commissioned the formal proclamation for National Ghost Hunting Day and its associated Largest Ghost Hunt Event. From here, she joined forces with seasoned para-scientist Brian Cano, to offer this global base of investigators as scientific contributors to the largest Collective Conscious experiment ever documented named "The Bridge".

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