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Maggie Heart
Oct 22nd, 2018 by Holsworthy mark show no 1 in Southwest England at 9:35 am

Maggie Heart....

         Maggie Heart is an internationally recognized talk show host, interviewer, lecturer available for public appearances, author, life path specialist and Christian ordained minister specializing in Spiritual Warfare and Deliverance, house clearings and blessings (across the country and internationally by Skype and phone),  ghost investigations, baptisms, marriages and funerals. Her fruits of the spirit manifest through prayerful sessions that have resulted in miracle healings and many positive life counseling sessions through the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Her current pursuit of a two year degree in ministry adds to her background credentials. She strives to someday have a brick and mortar place of fellowship for her ever expanding ministry. Maggie has also spent years aiding, advocating for and ministering to the disadvantaged including the homeless, elderly, developmentally disabled, veterans and children. Her whistleblowing and human interest interviews on her radio show The Positude PowWow have enlightened many and shed light on much darkness and deception in the world and received critical acclaim. She also does The Positude Podcast,  which is currently on hiatus, a one hour feel good show to promote joy and negate negativity while discussing positive and inspirational stories, recipes, comedy, music and more. You can listen on Sundays at 7pm EST or archived shows click the link for The Positude Podcast.


CONTACT INFO: Email: Website: Instagram: maggieheart1 Facebook: email for request. Twitter:  @maggieheart2

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