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Jay Jacob.. The Darksiders Paranormal Society..Lincolnshire Spirits Seekers podcast
Aug 17th, 2018 by Holsworthy mark show no 1 in Southwest England at 7:18 pm

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Lincolnshire Spirit Seekers podcast..Jay my name is Richard Jacob I am the lead member and founder of the Darksiders paranormal society I have been paranormaling for quite a few years now.When I was younger I saw a lady in white at the end of my bed stood over me with blond hair n white gown around 75/80 years old when I did the history of the house a woman died 100 years before in the house.Every since then I've been in to it xx.Jay also sells products with Dark siders Paranormal Society logo on all monies go to hello other paranormal groups towards equipment cost and more. Below are images and prices and link if interested in a purchase.


 Well ladies and gentlemen the time has now come were I am starting to sell these kind of items...

Hats are £15

Cups are £10

Tee_shirts are £20 
Other items are available as well,everything is made to order...

Other items are....

Glass mugs £10

Latte mugs £13

Wooden coasters £6

Wooden coasters set of 4 £16

Glass coasters £7

Circle clock £18

Mouse mat £8

Soft toy £20

Chopping board £18

Purse/wallet £18

Make up bag £16

Children's apron £13

Scented candles £15

Small candle holder £12

Large candle holder £16

Small glass panels £15

Large glass panels £22

Wall mounted glass £30

Key ring £8

Keyring holder £14

Magnet £8

Book mark £10

Jigsaw puzzle £15

Phone stand £12

Plant pot £15

Necklet £14

Cufflinks £15

Compact mirror £15

Keep sake tin £14

Polo with photo or text from £20

All different colours and sizes

Hoodies with photo or text from £30

All different colours and sizes

If you are interested please comment below

For payments I accept PayPal or bank transfer...

Everything is 100% guaranteed....links...








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