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C.B Dan Hoffmann Humorous Mother and Son Self Publishing
Jul 19th, 2019 by Holsworthy mark show no 1 in Southwest England at 8:40 pm

C.B Dan Hoffmann Humorous Mother and Son Self Publishing...

CB & Dan Hoffmann, Humorous Mother/Son Self-Publishers

CB HoffmannThe entertaining mother/son self-publishing team of C.B. and Dan Hoffmann would love to inspire your audience to turn their dreams into do-it-yourself projects. 

They are experts in creating and producing eBooks, Audiobooks, videos, photography, websites, marketing materials and in encouraging others to realize their DIY publishing dreams.

Every business needs a better website, photography, marketing and promotion. Every entrepreneur, in any industry, should be working on an eBook. Passive income promises to explode in the future! We can empower your audience with tips and resources and real-world first-hand knowledge.

C.B. Hoffmann and Dan Hoffmann have created and self-published 6 eBooks, 3 Audiobooks and a short film. They're doing it all on their own, from writing and editing the books, designing book covers, producing the eBooks, to recording and producing audiobooks, shooting and editing video, and marketing and promotion. Dan Hoffmann

Dan has degrees in graphic design and marketing. CB has a master's in English Education and 29 years of teaching high school English. They offer their unique talents and experience in a humorous and lively discussion. They would love to tell your audience how to turn their dreams into do-it-yourself projects, too. 

Your audience will be entertained and empowered to pursue their dreams. CB and Dan will provide hilarious examples of plunging head-first into self-publishing eBooks, audiobooks, and videos. 

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