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December 1st, 2018    

Robert Righi

Robert Righti

November 24th, 2018    

Phil Sams

Phil Sams
The host of Ghosts in The Night, hauntings, and paranormal podcast dedicated to searching for answers about the spirit world and the paranormal.

My fascination with ghosts and the paranormal started a very young age. Several of the homes that I lived in had some sort of activity in them. This desire to find answers only grew and led me to start a podcast and search for others that have had similar experiences.

Sharing others people stories is only half the battle. I needed to go out and search for the paranormal myself to truly get some clarity. This search led me to join The Cincinnati Ghost Chasers as an investigator.

November 12th, 2018    

Roland doe

Roland doe

November 3rd, 2018    

Eric Perry

Eric Perry....Eric started his career in the 6th grade with his first paranormal encounter at the "House of Seven Gables ". When he saw his first "shadow Person", and was touched and heard "get out". In 2010 Eric started Central NH Paranormal Society with like-minded friends. After 100's of cases decided to start a new team called Haunted in New England, And the rest is history. Eric is an accomplished writer, video producer, photojournalist 2 times New England paranormal award winner and International award winner. Eric is also a father of 3 wonderful kids, Aliyah, Eric Jr, and his youngest Logan. Eric favorite locations are Penn Hurst Asylum in PA, Eastern State Penn, and the tunnels of Salem, Ma. 

October 28th, 2018    



October 28th, 2018    



October 8th, 2018    

Awakening The Unknown With Susan Swanbeck and Michelle Sullivan

Awakening The Unknown With Susan Swanbeck and Michelle Sullivan

October 7th, 2018    

Haunted San Antonio

Haunted San Antonio

October 7th, 2018    

Haunted Washington

Haunted Washington

October 7th, 2018    



October 7th, 2018    


kyle_yates_mitchell_rodney_pitt_paranormal_investigators...I’m 48. I’ve had several encounters with things I couldn’t explain since early childhood. When Ghosthunters came on television many years ago, I was hooked. I always hoped that someone could prove spirits existed so I wasn’t crazy. A little more than 4 years ago, I met my now wife online. We had planned a date and she canceled last minute. Feeling rejected once again I figured she was blowing me off. To my surprise, she texted me all evening. Later I mustered up the courage to ask her what she was doing. She finally fessed up and told me she was on a ghost investigation. I wanted to marry her on the spot. This lead to me joining the team she was on. She has taught me a lot over the years. I friended my buddy Rodney on that team. He took me under his wing and taught me a lot as well. Unfortunately, the team leader was out for fame instead of what we wanted which was to help others. We left the team and ended up joining another. The leader of that one used the group as an excuse to cheat on his wife. Disgruntled, we left that team and decided to start our own. Fortunately for us, Rodney was asked to leave the original team he was on and we scooped him up right away. He is like minded in the fact that we just want to help people.this is our team, starting with Rodney Williams, Tanya Fisher, Jax, Jesse, and doing cosplay and part of our team in Dallas Krystle Starr.

October 6th, 2018    

Sarah Jackson part 2

Sarah Jackson part 2--due to my phone stopping to record whilst me and Sarah where talking about demons..!

October 5th, 2018    

Sarah Jackson


Name: Sarah Jackson

I am 22 years old, from Zanesville, Oh. Originally. All my life I have been sensitive to the paranormal and I am officially the full time psychic medium for Thru The Veil Investigations. I am a practicing Wiccan. I truely love nature and family,  I try to be kind to every person and creature. I sing and write as well music is a huge part of my life. My mother is a sensitive as well, and that ability has been passed throug 4 generations of women on my mom's side. I love being a medium, I feel like i can genuinely help people in a way that is so unique and incredible. I really enjoy history so getting to go into these places with such rich pasts and so many stories is just so awesome and it is so cool to learn more about the local history of this area. Anyway I am so lucky to have this life and I want to live it to the fullest!

  1. received_288583985086133.jpeg

October 4th, 2018    

Creepy doll article

Creepy doll article

October 3rd, 2018    

Haunted Forests

Haunted Forests

October 3rd, 2018    

Coined Paranormal terms origins

Coined Paranormal terms origins

October 1st, 2018    



September 27th, 2018    

Haunted road trip Connecticut Lincolnshire spirit seekers podcast

Haunted road trip Connecticut Lincolnshire spirit seekers podcast Keep reading →

September 27th, 2018    

Mothman witness report via Google

Mothman witness report via Google

September 27th, 2018    



September 26th, 2018    

Sweet motel Leroy minn.

Sweet motel Leroy minn.

September 23rd, 2018    

Kimberly Brouillette Author

Kimberly Brouillette Author...Award-winning author Kimberly Brouillette is pleased to present her exciting paranormal mystery thrillers in The Monastery Murders series. The first books in the series, Secrets in the Shallows (Book 1) and Devil in the Details (Book 2) are the 2014 and 2015 Paranormal Awards winners for fiction, respectively. Book 2 also won the 2016 New Apple Award for mysteries. The highly anticipated conclusion of the series, Method on the Madness (Book 3), has several rave reviews with a 5-Star rating on Amazon. Currently, Kimberly is writing Fury of the Fallen, Book 1 of a sequel series, The Forever Fallen. In addition, she is producing the entire Monastery Murder Series in audio book format.Link to books on Amazon

September 16th, 2018    

E.V.P record 15-09-2018 Holsworthy Devon England

E.V.P record 15-09-2018 Holsworthy Devon England

September 16th, 2018    

Tim Swatz

Tim Swatz...



Tim R. Swartz is an Indiana native and Emmy-Award winning television producer/videographer, and is the author of a number of popular books including The Lost Journals of Nikola Tesla, America's Strange and Supernatural History, UFO Repeaters, Time Travel: Fact Not Fiction!, Men of Mystery: Nikola Tesla and Otis T. Carr, Admiral Byrd's Secret Journey Beyond the Poles, and is a contributing writer for the books, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle: The First Ghostbuster, Brad Steiger's Real Monsters, Gruesome Critters, and Beasts from the Darkside, and Real Ghosts, Restless Spirits and Haunted Places.

As a photojournalist, Tim Swartz has traveled extensively and investigated paranormal phenomena and other unusual mysteries from such diverse locations as the Great Pyramid in Egypt to the Great Wall in China. He has worked with television networks such as PBS, ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN and ESPN. He has also appeared on the History Channel's programs "Ancient Aliens"; "Evidence"; "Ancient Aliens: Declassified"; and the History Channel Latin America series "Contacto Extraterrestre."

His articles have been published in magazines such as Mysteries, FATE, Strange, Atlantis Rising, UFO Universe, Flying Saucer Review, Renaissance, and Unsolved UFO Reports. Currently, Tim writes a column about high-strangeness in Indiana for the magazine "Daydrifter."

As well, Tim Swartz is the writer and editor of the online newsletter Conspiracy Journal; a free, weekly e-mail newsletter, considered essential reading by paranormal researchers worldwide.

Tim is also the host of the webcast "Exploring the Bizarre" along with Timothy Green Beckley,

September 16th, 2018    

Terri Brown

Terri Brown...Terri Brown is living and experiencing paranormal activity and possible demon in her home based on Tennessee .She and her family have been living in a series of events that would drive others away.During our chat I experienced various electronic  problems and at near the end of our chat Terri,s phone completely shut down on her.Terri is hoping to do a investigation of her home and put events and reading on YouTube channel some time in October.You can find Terri Brown under Paranormal Brown Girl.

September 13th, 2018    



September 9th, 2018    


David Pierce Rodriguez is the founder of PRISM Paranormal Research. He was born in Madison, Wisconsin, the son of a Cuban father and American mother. Fluent in both English and Spanish, he spent the first part of his life growing up in Spain and Portugal. As a teenager, he moved to the United States and currently resides in Miami, Florida. Between the ages of twelve and sixteen, David experienced a series of several life-altering paranormal events. In an effort to show his family and others who were skeptical about what he had encountered, he began documenting the events that he was experiencing.

After finishing his studies at the Ohio State University, in 1996, David co-owned a recording studio in Atlanta, Georgia and learned the art of recording spirit voices, or Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP). In 2003, David started a paranormal meet-up group in Omaha, Nebraska. The popularity of the group quickly led to the formation of Paranormal Research and Investigative Studies Midwest (PRISM). As of 2018, PRISM Paranormal Research is comprised of fifteen teams worldwide.

David currently works as the Director of PRISM South Florida and has made several TV appearances in both the United States and Latin America. Television stations include NBC, Univision, Telemundo, Mega TV, América TeVe, and Mira TV. David also works as an official ghost tour guide for Miami-Dade County, hosting events at several haunted Miami locations including the Deering Estate, the Gold Coast Railroad Museum, the Cape Florida Lighthouse, and Thalatta Estate. In early 2016, David was the first paranormal researcher to investigate on the island nation of Emily Menshouse Stakely of Frick and Frack Paranormal and Dirty Ghost Box..Emily...Emily Menshouse Stakely has studied paranormal activities, concentrating in the area of electronic voice phenomenon analysis (EVP), for nearly 18 years. She has participated in and conducted large scale location and residential hauntings including being the paranormal residential investigator for The Seaton Manor located in Ashland, Kentucky. Emily founded Frick & Frack Paranormal (affiliate to PRISM) and will be working on The Boneyfiddle Hauntings project located in Portsmouth, Ohio. She is also the Creator of The Dirty Ghostbox, which you can find on her YouTube page. She is a former cast member of the TV Show The Paranormal Journeys, participating in Seasons 3-5, currently filming Season 5. The show can be found on Roku and other networks in several different states- Check local listings. Also, Emily has recently worked with PRISM’s Founder, David Pierce Rodriguez, on Haunted Columbus and Haunted Louisville projects. She has had numerous radio guest appearances on networks such as Para-X, Paramania, KCOR, Holsworthy Mark Show, The Calling, Paranormal Analytical, Paranormally Correct, A to Z with Amy and Zana, Exploring The Bizarre, Paranormal Analytical, and Behind The Open Door. Emily obtained her Bachelor and Master Degree in Christian Education with a minor in Theology at Freedom Bible College and Seminary. She furthered her education by also obtaining a Bachelor in Accounting through Ohio University, Bachelor of Business Administration/Marketing through The University of The Cumberlands along with her Master in Teaching (Elementary Education). She has extensive background in business development, marketing, social media, training/teaching, and management.

September 9th, 2018    

David Glidden part two

David Glidden part two...vid is the founder of Four State Paranormal and has been investigating over the past 13 years.  He is known for his investigation style involving experimentation and research. He is also the producer of the web series Haunting History and co-host of the podcast Paranormal Frequencies.  Recently he has ventured into film with his documentary, "Into The Light" and will be filming a sequel this year...

September 9th, 2018    

David Glidden part one

David Glidden part one...vid is the founder of Four State Paranormal and has been investigating over the past 13 years.  He is known for his investigation style involving experimentation and research. He is also the producer of the web series Haunting History and co-host of the podcast Paranormal Frequencies.  Recently he has ventured into film with his documentary, "Into The Light" and will be filming a sequel this year...

September 8th, 2018    

Sarah Stream..Paranormania Team


Sarah is a paranormal investigator, researcher, photographer and founder of the Paranormania Team. She has been interested in all things paranormal since a young age.  She has been investigating for 2 years and travels the midwestern states investigating haunted locations.  Her passion is discovering the history surrounding locations and documenting their past in photographs.

September 7th, 2018    



September 7th, 2018    

Peninsula Paranormal Group




The group is a small group of family and close friends. We are a group that is looking for proof of paranormal existence. We have a large range of equipment that gets used ie voice recorders, camcorders, rem pods, kinects just to mention a view. YouTube channel link... Link.....

September 7th, 2018    

Ideometer effect

Ideometer Effect

August 30th, 2018    

Kirsty Taylor Unicorn 3Magical World,Author,Psychic Medium

Link to blog post...Blog post information

August 25th, 2018    

Jonathan Wood.West Midlands spirit seekers..The legacy Paranormal

Jonathan Wood..West Midlands spirit seekers..The Legacy have been into the paranormal from the age of 15 after having experienced things of which I cannot explain from seeing a large UFO to several full bodied spirit forms then as a team we go in search to prove that the unknown can be possibly real from cryptozoology, UFOs, and spirits.We put together the youtube channel to show our findings to the world and allow them to decide if its real or is there a scientific reason for our to great YouTube channel..The Legacy Paranormal

August 20th, 2018    

Drug_induced_death_experience_Lincolnshire spirit seekers podcast

@Holsworthy mark show @Drug_induced_death_experience_...


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August 18th, 2018    

Caz Rooney ..The Spectral Zone

@Holsworthy mark show @Caz Rooney..@The Spectral Zone..Bio...Caz Rooney is a Scottish Paranormal Investigator and Researcher living in South Yorkshire . Caz has always believed in spirit from an early age and has been investigating on and off since a teenager . She is a hedge witch and has a strong spiritual belief . In the past year she has started. Presenting her own radio show the Spectral Zone giving her the opportunity to discuss and explore with many interesting people investigation techniques , beliefs , science , research and cultural beliefs in the paranormal . She has investigated many places but is probably most well known for spending 3 full days in 30 East drive in August 2017 .

August 18th, 2018    

Barry Gaunt

@Holsworthy mark show @Barry Gaunt..Bio...Barry Gaunt, AKA “Bear”, AKA the KY TruthSeeker, (as he is better known by many) has been researching and investigating within all paranormal fields since 1976. He has had the pleasure to work with many different paranormal organizations throughout the years, and have worked with many of the leaders in the paranormal communities, both past and present. He is a staunch supporter of unity, sharing and working with others throughout the paranormal communities. As a Paranormal Researcher and Investigator, he is highly respected by his peers, for his scientific “boots on the ground” investigative skills and style, and for his constant dedication to the truth. He is also known as a Paranormal Lecturer, on the topics of UFOs, Abductions, Strange Creature, and Spirit Activity and has been featured on Radio, TV, Documentary Films, and in Newspaper Articles.
Barry, currently serves as the Managing Director of the renowned NightStalkers Paranormal Research Team, which researches, and investigates Hauntings, UFO Reports, Alien Abductions, and Strange Creature reports on a case by case basis. He and the NightStalkers team are science minded, but always keeps an open mind, striving to find the truth, looking for the key to unlock the mysteries of the world we live in, while sharing their findings with others to hopefully better humanity, and perhaps answerer humanity’s oldest questions. What happens next, and are we alone?
Barry is also a co-host of the radio show “Into The Fire” on the Blog Talk Radio Network.
He also currently serves as the MUFON State Director of Kentucky and is a Certified Field Investigator (since Feb. 2006) and is a Certified STAR Team Investigator (since Jan. 2010). During Barry’s vested time as a MUFON member, he has held previous responsibilities as, Director of Investigations Standards and Procedures, Assistant STAR Team Manager, Certified SIP Team Investigator (the BAASS Project 2009) Assistant State Director Kentucky, State Section Director Kentucky, and temporary acting State Director North Carolina.
Barry is also a fulltime Volunteer, assisting the Director of the historical and infamously haunted, Octagon Hall Museum in Franklin, KY. with the day to day operations of the Museum, tours, and upkeep needed for this historical building and grounds. He is also one of Hosts for their famed evening Novice Ghost Hunts, held twice a month at the


August 17th, 2018    

Jay Jacob.. The Darksiders Paranormal Society..Lincolnshire Spirits Seekers podcast

@Holsworthy mark show @Jay Jacob @ The Darksiders Paranormal Society @

Lincolnshire Spirit Seekers podcast..Jay my name is Richard Jacob I am the lead member and founder of the Darksiders paranormal society I have been paranormaling for quite a few years now.When I was younger I saw a lady in white at the end of my bed stood over me with blond hair n white gown around 75/80 years old when I did the history of the house a woman died 100 years before in the house.Every since then I've been in to it xx.Jay also sells products with Dark siders Paranormal Society logo on all monies go to hello other paranormal groups towards equipment cost and more. Below are images and prices and link if interested in a purchase.


 Well ladies and gentlemen the time has now come were I am starting to sell these kind of items...

Hats are £15

Cups are £10

Tee_shirts are £20 
Other items are available as well,everything is made to order...

Other items are....

Glass mugs £10

Latte mugs £13

Wooden coasters £6

Wooden coasters set of 4 £16

Glass coasters £7

Circle clock £18

Mouse mat £8

Soft toy £20

Chopping board £18

Purse/wallet £18

Make up bag £16

Children's apron £13

Scented candles £15

Small candle holder £12

Large candle holder £16

Small glass panels £15

Large glass panels £22

Wall mounted glass £30

Key ring £8

Keyring holder £14

Magnet £8

Book mark £10

Jigsaw puzzle £15

Phone stand £12

Plant pot £15

Necklet £14

Cufflinks £15

Compact mirror £15

Keep sake tin £14

Polo with photo or text from £20

All different colours and sizes

Hoodies with photo or text from £30

All different colours and sizes

If you are interested please comment below

For payments I accept PayPal or bank transfer...

Everything is 100% guaranteed....links...








August 12th, 2018    

Remote viewing …..Skeptoid .audio..from other sources

@Holsworthy mark show @Remote viewing .....Skeptoid .audio..from other sources

August 12th, 2018    



August 10th, 2018    


@Holsworthy mark show Spirituality..Near Death experience..I would like to do a podcast or radio show on Sunday night live WBHM_DB Holsworthy mark show 7- 8 E S T.Reason being i myself had a near death experience,I was in a coma for Three weeks due to blood sugar levels of 124,whilst in my coma I heard a woman's voice i have not heard before or since telling me to wake up and I had a overwhelmingly need to wake up.My aka ghostman comes from the fact that when in the coma i was not in the real world or the other realm.I since being drawn more and more into the I believe in ghosts yes

August 9th, 2018    

Greg Feketik Tr_C Ghost Hunters

@Holsworthy  podcast mark show @Greg Feketik @Tr_C Ghost Hunters...

Greg is co-founder along with his wife Kathy and a lead investigator of the paranormal team Tri-C Ghost Hunters based in Ohio. He was a Twinsburg, Ohio police officer for 29 years retiring in 2011. He has been studying and investigating the paranormal since 1991 and has conducted over 250 investigations throughout the United States, Canada and Scotland. Some of his investigations and travels have taken him to some of the most haunted places in the world, including the Stanley Hotel in Colorado, the Crescent Hotel in Arkansas, Waverly Hills Sanitarium in Kentucky, and the Edinburgh Vaults in Scotland just to name a few. Greg published his first book, “Insights into the Unknown: A Ghost Hunter’s Journey” in 2015 and has written chapters for “Amazing Paranormal Encounters Vol. 3 & Vol. 4” and “Encounters with the Paranormal Vol. 3” He is currently writing his second book, “Roads into the Unknown: A Ghost Hunter's Journey Continues”, which should be out by the fall of 2018.

Greg also does lectures and presentations on the paranormal throughout Northeast Ohio.

Greg is currently the resident paranormal Investigator at the Ohio State Reformatory in Mansfield, Ohio and the former Ghost Hunt Manager for the haunted Old St. Joseph Hospital in Lorain, Ohio.

August 9th, 2018    


 @Holsworthy mark show @


August 9th, 2018    

David Neil Hanzel Intuitive Medium

@Holsworthy podcast show @David Neil Hanzel...

Hello, My name is David Neil Hanzel. I was born with the ability to see and hear from spirit. I have been able to recall this ability since a very young age. Being afraid of it I spent most of my life trying to push it aside in any way I possibly could. My teachings came from spirit and from others whom spirit would put in my path. In 2015 I developed a deadly strain of Pneumonia which rendered me unconscious for 2 months.

During this time the doctors told my parents almost every night, that I wouldn't make it till the morning and if I did I would have to be put in a home for they feared I wouldn't be able to function properly again. They were wrong. I came out of it learned to walk again and went back to a fully functional life. But with one major change. All the abilities I had as a child became heightened. and I was given a second chance to be of service to all who seek answers. I have the ability to hear from people who have crossed over and speak and hear from guides and my own as well. I now have begun to teach Mediumship and how to connect to spirit to those who feel they want or need to learn. I also do investigations of "haunted" places and buildings to help prove or disprove the presence of spirit. and to let people know that this is not the end. Spirituality is fun, it's magical and it's within everything and everyone. I'm not your typical Medium as I like to have fun and spirits do as well. Our personality on the other side is exactly the same. I'm also working on a book about my near-death experience and how it's not always what they say it is. And my youtube channel "letter from the sky" will be up and running in about a week, with videos on my truth about this whole spiritual movement.

August 6th, 2018    



August 6th, 2018    


@Holsworthy mark show @Exorcisms_

August 3rd, 2018    

Denise Pridemore .Paranormal Pride and Ron Pridemore

@Holsworthy mark show @ Denise Pridemore @Paranormal Pride@Pridemore Paranormal Research Group @Ron Pridemore... PARANORMALKING.COMTHE PARANORMAL WILL NEVER BE THE SAME AGAINWWW.PARANORMALKING.COM DENISE PRIDEMORE FROM PRIDEMORE PARANORMAL RESEARCH GROUP & PARANORMAL PRIDE RADIO Denise Pridemore is originally from Baltimore and lived in Virginia, New Jersey, Arkansas, Missouri and settled in Eastern Kansas. She has been having paranormal experiences since her earliest memories. She has a lifetime of experiences paranormal, intuitive, and real life. She has been seeking answers to the paranormal since she can remember, but recalls a time when talking about the paranormal, premonitions, and supernatural phenomenon was taboo. “Don’t talk about that stuff, people will think you are nuts. They will lock you up!”Denise and her husband, Ron decided they wanted to start a paranormal team, and their daughters were all interested, too.They talked about it for years after going on multiple ghost tours, and public investigations, in 2009 they made it official, after a family reunion trip to Iowa. They had always wanted to go to the Villisca Ax Murder House, especially after seeing it on “Most Terrifying Places in America.” Due to the Missouri River flooding they were sent on a detour, through the back roads, and came across Clarinda, IA. “How far is Villisca from Red Oak?” Denise asked. Ron, “Has to be up north, I don’t ever recall seeing it.” Three minutes later they see a sign, “Villisca 9 miles.” They stopped and took a couple pictures with the intention to see if they could see it on the return trip home. They went on to the family reunion and shared the creepy photo from Villisca and that was when they found out the Oren Jackson, the sheriff during the Villisca murders what Ron’s great Grandmother’s brother. They went back on Sunday, met Darwin and Johnny Houser, and they shared with them the photo from the trial with Oren Jackson. That day, the whole family had an experience that changed their lives. Lauren, their third daughter, saw a full body apparition walk past her into the attic from the parents’ bedroom. Leigha, their youngest, heard children talking and felt like she made friends with Lena. Denise had a connection with the mother and something dark, she assumed it was the killer. Ron witnessed changes in his family that he had never seen before, he is a skeptic and did not understand, but was completely intrigued. Pridemore Paranormal was started as soon as they came home and they have been busy ever since.Denise and Ron volunteer for the Atchison Kansas Chamber of Commerce during their Haunted Season, September through the first week of November at the Infamous Sallie House. They also hosted public investigations at the PepperMill Restaurant, formerly known as the River House, former brothel. Due to the experiences Denise has had at the Sallie House, she was asked to be on Ghost Adventures to give the guys a tour. That was a very interesting experience for Denise and has brought her some local and national popularity. They are also volunteers at the Historic McPike Mansion in Alton, Il.Denise and Ron have been guest investigators at many places from Virginia to Nevada, but not limited to the locations listed.Goldfield Hotel, Goldfield, NV; Miztpah Hotel, Tonapah, NV; Buffalo Trace Distillery, Frankfort, KY; Gretna Virginia Cemetery, The Grave of Octavia Hatcher, Pikeville, KY; Belvoir Winery, Liberty, MO; The 1859 Jail and Marshall’s Museum, Independence, MO; and The Pythian Castle, Springfield, MO; Carroll Mansion, Leavenworth, KS. Not to forget the Sallie House, Villisca Ax Murder House and McPike Mansion. ross raposo 2018

August 1st, 2018    


@Lincolnshire Spirit Seekers @New_Ouija_Board_Study_Scientifically_Explains_How_They_Move

July 29th, 2018    

Melanie and Megan Vincent_Researchers_Investigating_The_Paranormal_2013

@Holsworthy podcast show @Melanie and Megan Vincent_Researchers_Investigating_The_Paranormal_2013..As a child I had some unexplained happenings going on that scared me. As I got older and had more things happen around me I learned to live with it. In 2008 i got started at the Hotel Conneaut a former friend of mine was going there quite often and was telling me about the activity From there we met lots of teams got lots of advice and just learned so much. We decided to officially start a group in 2013. At that time we decided to help as many as we can. To help take some of the fear out of the paranormal. So with our private investigation we try to educate the clients and remove Hollywood from their thoughts. We have ventured to many places since then. I also am a board member of the Warren Heritage Center at The Kinsman House in Warren Ohio. Where we have community events. I am in charge of any paranormal investigations at the mansion.
Some of the places I've been ....
Hotel Conneaut.
Prospect place
Hillview Manor
The Bissman building
Mansfield reformatory
Hinsdale House
Madison Seminary
Moundsville prison
The Buffalo terminal
Lickin Co. Jail
The Cortland opera house
The Knickerbockers
The House of Wills
Trans Allegheny lunatic asylum
And I will be at Waverly Hills tomorrow and Bobby Mackeys on thurs afternoon
I also host paranormal/ psychic fairs as a fund raiser for the team so we can continue our search into the paranormal. Facebook group link..

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