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Dr.Jason Carson...

Who Am I?

Every day, I asked myself this very same question. I'd push staples under my fingernails, cry in the bathroom on my break, fantasize about dropping my co-workers into the orifice of a raging volcano. My anger was real. 

Then one day, I decided to stop whining and to start winning! Every moment of my existence allows me to see things that would terrify other human beings...things that you could only dream of, things that have helped me reach a state of autonomous bliss too beautiful for words. If you just trust in me, give me your time and respect, I truly believe I can help you achieve your own version of personal fulfillment and happiness, no matter what that means.

To find satisfaction, we must follow our own paths, blaze our own ways, ruthlessly visualize our own goals until they come true. I did this. The Cheese Bringer is real, and he will soon reign over all. Do you want to be cast into hell on the Day of Judgement, or will you be put through a minor amount of pain before being deemed worthy, granted entry into my version of heaven? I love you...give me a chance and learn how to love me.

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Author D.R. Bartlette

As a child, I was a nerdy weirdo who hung out in libraries for fun. There, I discovered horror and true crime at an inappropriately early age. Once I was exposed the joys of late-night syndicated shows like The Twilight Zone and Alfred Hitchcock Presents, I was ruined. I was fascinated by how these stories, so slow and quiet, would make me feel: sad, angry, confused, or vaguely creeped out. I loved it. As a tween I began devouring Stephen King, binging entire novels in an afternoon. From there I moved on to the works of Edgar Allan Poe, Shirley Jackson, and William Faulkner, who helped me discover and refine my Southern Gothic voice.

Since then, I followed my passion for writing by earning a Bachelor’s, then a Master’s, in Journalism. As a freelancer, I’ve written dozens of articles and essays from topics ranging from school lunches to the study of human decomposition – the weirder, the better.

But my true loves are horror and true crime, where I can explore the theme of justice – who gets it and who doesn’t, and why.

My first novel, The Devil in Black Creek, is a retro thriller set in the 1980s told from the perspective of a 12-year-old girl. The plot unfolds with the gradual revealing of the evil that has moved into her small town, and the narrator’s efforts to expose it. Critics call it “…brilliant, creepy, and totally trendy…” and say “I would recommend to all horror fans, especially fans of Stephen King’s early work…” and “Five stars are not enough. I give it eleven.”

My latest works are long-form blog posts about true crime, featuring unusual or particularly relevant crimes from the past. Follow me on Medium to get your weekly true-crime fix.

Follow me on Twitter or Facebook for more gruesome, interesting, and macabre things....


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Author Bio

Patricia Mills (Penke), was born in Lowell, Massachusetts during the late 1950s.

The city of Lowell is also known as "The cradle of the American Industrial Revolution."

Her mother, aunts and uncles, all worked in the mills during the mid-century.


Born into quite the adventurous family. My father was in the military and had been stationed to several bases throughout my childhood. Precious moments with family included searching for-

Old West ghost towns, Black Beard’s treasure among North Carolina’s coastline, and Druid caves in Massachusetts. Additionally, I helped dig for Civil War relics and old bottles in Virginia and prospected for gold in Alaska during the 1960s. (By all rights she I was considered a prospector at age 9.)

Years later, my interest turned into a different type of treasure hunting: Searching for collectible antiques and remnants of America’s nostalgic history.

I’ve has been-

•Involved in the antique retail market collectible antiquing market for over 22 years.

•The CEO and manager of a travel agency for over 23 years, and I’ve traveled around the world

•CEO and manager of an estate sales liquidation company for over 10 years, and Involved in extensive research of collectible buying trends to achieve lucrative, successful sales.

•Written articles for well-known magazines (Vintage Life of the U.K.) and online nostalgia-related sites

•Author of the

•Author of the book, "Stop Throwing Cash in the Trash: Your Guidebook to Finding Hidden Treasure and Transforming Them into Huge Profits,” in 2016.

I would like to share my knowledge for “turning trash into cash” with others who would like to earn a substantial amount of extra income, with a minimal amount of upfront cash invested, by finding and reselling less-obvious, unique vintage treasure. Unfortunately, we are unknowingly sending these hidden treasures off to landfills simply because of value misconceptions.

Most vintage items are worthy of salvaging for their collectability not only for their uniqueness and value, but also because of their historic background. (Everything has an interesting story!)

Additionally, I want to educate people on how to increase their profit margin when conducting an estate sale for a loved one.

I’ve been interviewed on podcasts and written scripts and produced her own PBS TV show; and been featured on the local news where I discussed my hidden treasure finds as well as my knowledge in current collecting trends.

Link to book

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My name is Brian James and I am the author of the book Mjolnir.  This is a story of the Norse gods in contemporary America right at the start of Ragnarok. Odin owns a defense contracting firm, Freya turns tricks for a living, Thor fulfills his need for worship as a professional football player, and Loki runs an Amway style multi-level marketing firm that sells cheap products on late night infomercials. Odin and Loki are seeking an edge in the apocalypse to come. They both believe that the key to surviving Ragnarok depends on if they can get their hands on Mjolnir.


My story, Babylon, will also be featured in a horror anthology this fall.


I would love to be a guest on your show to talk about my book and geek culture. With fantasy and comic book movies and television shows dominating the entertainment landscape a discussion of my book could very topical. How do I get consideration for appearance on your show?


I appreciate your time and attention! I have attached reviews of Mjolnir at the end of this message. The reviewers are NY Times and USA Today bestselling author, Christopher D. Morgan (writer of the Portallas series) and legendary author Piers Anthony.


Sample chapters of the book can be found at .....


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About Bill Protzmann

Just a few words about Bill Protzmann, the mastermind behind this site.

As a performing pianist, professional speaker, and entrepreneur, Bill Protzmann has an unabashed wealth of life experience with anxiety, stress, and depression. His life mission is to offer human beings the opportunity to re-engage with the innate edge. Very importantly, the Practical Heart Skills that every one of us already possesses are the one critical key to redeploying your edge. In his volunteer work with the most at-risk people in society today, Bill Protzmann has demonstrated that this mission is achievable.

Bill Protzmann’s Short Bio and Accomplishments

Bill started piano lessons at three years old. He grew up playing and performing and realized very early on that the discipline of playing the piano was also a behavioral healthcare practice. When he began seeking non-traditional audiences — Alzheimer’s patients and people struggling with physical or emotional injuries, stressed-out businesspeople, parents, caregivers — he began to understand and witness the true power of music as a tool.

As an observer of the power of music throughout his life, Bill Protzmann speaks openly and confidently about how he has used music as self-intervention in his own behavioral healthcare, including confronting suicidal tendencies. His ongoing volunteer work in the field brings him constant opportunities to coach people who are or have been homeless, abused substances, are combat-injured or are caregivers in the Practical Heart Skills of Music Care.

Bill’s fascination with the medicine-like effects of music caused him to study the topic and stay engaged with the most recent research. You can trust his 30+ years’ experience to teach people just like you and your team how to use music functionally in everyday situations like these:

  • Improve performance at work;
  • Strengthen communication and relationship skills;
  • Take better care of themselves mentally, emotionally, and physically....

Online Media About Bill Protzmann


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Watch Now:

Tonight my guest was Duane Bruce Author,Radio Host ,Actor


Radio Host...

Author...Hang The DJ...I

.true tales of radio DJ Duane Bruce, a well-known New England radio personality. Learn what it was like to do an all-night free-format rock radio show, and everything that encompasses it, from interacting with rock stars, to trying to make some musical history with a band called Nirvana. Ghosts, space-slugs and a mystery puddle make his work day quite interesting. Tune in for this one.


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As a child, Pembroke watched horror movies from between her fingers. She didn’t appreciate the nuances of the genre until she was in college--but even then, she still jumped at the scary parts. One of her favorite professors  once told her that to truly understand what scares society, watch horror. To face her fears and gain a better understanding of humanity, she started writing sci fi, fantasy, and horror.


Today, you can find Pembroke leaning forward in her seat and scrutinizing every moment of horror movies from beginning to end. She has taken her passion for horror and incorporated it into her stories. Under her real name, she also writes nonfiction texts scrutinizing the deep meaning of horror.


You can find out more about Pembroke (and her real self) by visiting the sites below.








Pembroke Sinclair


Get your zombie fix.


Find me on 



Or at my blog ....Amazon link to book 5🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟recommended.. for true fans of horror...

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Link to websiteSasha Laghonh (laa-go) brings over eighteen years of experience to the commercial realm by working with clients hosting diverse backgrounds and life endeavors. As a seasoned MBA professional, she also specializes in Organizational & Human Behavior which grants her a broad base from which to approach many topics. These tools drive her corporate career by executing diverse business strategies in complex and evolving environments. As a Business & Lifestyle Strategist, she works with clients ready to transform and elevate their performance in their lives. To complement her career, she is a spiritualist hosting abilities that allow her to deliver intuitive insights derived from questions possessing various degrees of complexity. By applying these insights as a self-development tool, one can empower themselves by making better decisions with clarity and confidence. Recognized as one of the best tested readers in 2012, Sasha continues to share her spiritual craft with global clients through private sessions, professional groups and global media including print.

​She has produced five shows for media outlets, and has authored books focusing on business, self-development and spirituality. Her latest is 'Departures: Smart Packing, of Life's Essentials, for On-Time Arrivals' and 'Sermons from the Heart'. All are welcome to tune into her shows "Sasha Talks Spirituality" (c.2012), "Awaken with Sasha" (c.2013-2014), "Sasha Talks" (c.2012-present) on BBS, "Moving Mountains with Sasha (c.2016-present), ExecuPeaks (c.2017) and Karma Trucks (c.2018). Sasha's work is presented through various media appearances and private speaking engagements. As a frequent guest on FM/AM radio and worldwide platforms, including events, she educates audiences on business strategies, effective management & leadership, lifestyle choices, and spirituality. For pleasure Sasha enjoys traveling, teaching and raising awareness of various humanitarian efforts. Bring an open mind and heart to experience the difference.

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C.B Dan Hoffmann Humorous Mother and Son Self Publishing...

CB & Dan Hoffmann, Humorous Mother/Son Self-Publishers

CB HoffmannThe entertaining mother/son self-publishing team of C.B. and Dan Hoffmann would love to inspire your audience to turn their dreams into do-it-yourself projects. 

They are experts in creating and producing eBooks, Audiobooks, videos, photography, websites, marketing materials and in encouraging others to realize their DIY publishing dreams.

Every business needs a better website, photography, marketing and promotion. Every entrepreneur, in any industry, should be working on an eBook. Passive income promises to explode in the future! We can empower your audience with tips and resources and real-world first-hand knowledge.

C.B. Hoffmann and Dan Hoffmann have created and self-published 6 eBooks, 3 Audiobooks and a short film. They're doing it all on their own, from writing and editing the books, designing book covers, producing the eBooks, to recording and producing audiobooks, shooting and editing video, and marketing and promotion. Dan Hoffmann

Dan has degrees in graphic design and marketing. CB has a master's in English Education and 29 years of teaching high school English. They offer their unique talents and experience in a humorous and lively discussion. They would love to tell your audience how to turn their dreams into do-it-yourself projects, too. 

Your audience will be entertained and empowered to pursue their dreams. CB and Dan will provide hilarious examples of plunging head-first into self-publishing eBooks, audiobooks, and videos. 

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Weird Moon 🌙 Facts

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Natasha buckley The Scone Box Eworthy.Germansweek.Devon Ex21 5AH

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LISA BOUCHER ...Raising The Bottom .Making Mindful Choice in a Drinking Culture.5:stars...

Lisa Boucher, Alcoholism Expert & Award-Winning Author

Lisa Boucher Author:Alcoholism ExpertLisa Boucher is an expert in recognizing the early symptoms of Alcoholism.  She will guide your listeners on what to look for and how to help themselves.

Lisa is also the award-winning author of Raising the Bottom: Making Mindful Choices in a Drinking Culture.  It's the book that some are calling, "The Big Book" for women, but men have found help as well. 

From personal experience Lisa can discuss why she quit drinking at an early age, and how doing so changed the whole trajectory of her life. Listeners will glean a new perspective to help them change their lives, too.

Lisa also works in healthcare and has found a huge disconnect in the medical community regarding alcoholism:  Most doctors know little about addiction so they throw antipsychotics and antidepressants at people.  But as a nurse, Lisa sees the same individuals come back to the hospital over and over again, their lives spiraling out of control.Raising The Bottom Lisa Boucher

Also, lest we forget, there are children on the backside, many who end up in addiction themselves because they are traumatized by their parent's behavior.  Affluent families, though all looks well on the outside, are gravely impacted by the drinking culture, as well. 

Everyone wants to talk about opiates, but alcohol is still the most widely abused drug, and most all addictions start with alcohol.

Most people who talk about addiction don't have a 360 perspective regarding addiction like Lisa does. They are familiar with 1 aspect and claim to be experts. 

Psychic Medium and mediumship reading, psychometry.dowsing.tarot .angel and fairy cards and a crystal ball 🔮called poppy.

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Artisha Bolding....

About Me

Georgia-based author and Empowerment Coach Artisha “Tee” Bolding is the Head of

T Bold Media Group. She is best known for her loud belly laughs and her love of

Truth. As a former Bail Bondsman Tee has spent the last decade providing relationship

and spiritual advice to friends, clients and even groups of teenagers. Since her early days

at Howard University, impacting people has been a serious passion for this lipstick

chick. In 2018, she was given a death sentence— a major health crisis and misdiagnosis

rocked her to the core. But it was this experience that enlightened and ignited her.

Tee’s unique insight ushered her on a new path where she created the hilarious and

touching Me-cast audio series on Facebook, which became the springboard for her

newly launched Bold Journeyzz podcast. From charter schools to City Hall and even a

dusty construction site, Tee has experienced a lot and has touched many lives.

She is a doting wife and mother to two beautiful rambunctious fur babies.

When she's not out shopping and missing DC ever so terribly, you can find her on a

Twitter rant (@MissTyson). If you want to pick up a copy of her new book

Journal For Your Journey, you can order it on You can also find the

link to send her an email shout out and check out the Bold Journeyzz podcast there.

Keep an eye out for Artisha’s next project — it just might be your new favorite book!



CW original, as well as part of pro wrestling favorite family "The Dudley Brothers", Bay Ragni, aka Chubby Dudley,  who is now the Award Winning host of Totally Driven Radio (Celebrity interviews) for 6 plus years.

Bay is also a public speaker, foodie and entrepreneur.

Bay has also been diagnosed with Sarcoidosis over 2 years ago, which is a rare auto-immune disease that took the lives of Comedian Bernie mac & NFL Legend Reggie White.


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Bubblegum by Mark Antony Raines

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Karlton Johnson


Karlton Johnson Picture


Demo Reel

2:31 | Demo Reel


Karlton Johnson is an actor and writer, ...  Song ...

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Jane Jordan Biography:


Jane was born in England and grew up exploring the history and culture of London and the surrounding counties. In the 1990’s she immigrated to Detroit, USA, eventually settling in South West Florida. She returned to England after a fifteen-year absence, to spend six years in the South West of England living on Exmoor.  Here, inspired by the atmosphere, beautiful scenery, and the ancient history of the place, she wrote her first novel Ravens Deep.  The next two books Blood & Ashes and A Memoir of Carl completed her gothic vampire trilogy.


Jane is a trained horticulturist, and spent time working and volunteering for Britain’s National Trust at Exmoor’s 1000-year-old Dunster Castle.  Gaining more insight into the mysteries surrounding these ancient places, and having always been intrigued by the supernatural, inspiration came for, The Beekeeper’s Daughter, a historical dark romance.  While England and Scotland provided a backdrop for previous novels of vampires, witches, and haunted mansions, New Orleans presents a setting for her fifth novel, Whisht Hall, a multilayered thriller that combines the age-old struggle between good and evil, a tale steeped in voodoo, the culture of the deep south, and the hauntingly desolate Dartmoor. 


Since returning to Florida in 2013, Jane also began writing for Florida Gardening Magazine, she now lives in Sarasota with her family. .




Except.Forever Young. Venetian Blood Book 1) by Brett Fitzpatrick and Barbara StanzL available on by Mark Anthony Raines.5 stars recommended...

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Writer Jim Curtis Announces the Publication of Decoding Dylan. Making Sense of the Songs that Changed Modern Culture (ISBN 978-1-4766-7845-0), from McFarland Publishers, a book that offers a fundamentally new interpretation of the great songs from the sixties that made Bob Dylan a legend and revolutionized American popular music.


In place of the traditional image of Dylan the classic sixties rebel, Decoding Dylan draws on Dylan’s own revelations in his memoir Chronicles as well as numerous facts from the New York cultural scene to show that Dylan was a serious craftsman who worked hard at mastering songwriting. Not contend with the usual verse-and-chorus structure of rock songs, he continually experimented with stanza and rhyme forms.

 Dylan’s early years in New York gave him cultural experiences that he could not have imagined while back in Minnesota. He discovered French Symbolist poets like Charles Baudelaire, whose challenging, disturbing poems made him impatient with the good-hearted but limited folk songs of people like Peter Seeger. When Suze Rotolo, Dylan’s first girlfriend in New York, took him to see Picasso’s paintings at the Museum of Modern Art, he was blown away—so much so that he says in Chronicles that he wanted to be like Picasso. Dylan has never said anything like that about any other artist. It was artists like Baudelaire and Picasso that Dylan had in mind when he called his epoch-making 1965 album Bringing It All Back Home.  As many American artists before him had done, Dylan undertook the task of assimilating European high culture and translating it into a distinctly American idiom.

Many people have called Dylan a mystical poet, and with good reason. His great songs “Mr. Tambourine Man”; “Desolation Row”; and “Visions of Johanna” form a trilogy that begins on a “windy beach” and ends with the explosion of consciousness.

Author Jim Curtis is a bridge-builder. He builds bridges between regions and cultures, just as Dylan does. He grew up in Tupelo, Mississippi, and saw his hometown hero Elvis perform live there. Seeing Elvis gave him a life-long commitment to rock and roll, so he wrote a book Rock Eras. Interpretations of Music and Society, 1954-1984.

But rock and roll and popular culture are only part of who he is. He also has a PhD in Russian, and has written a lot about Russian literature. He can’t think of any reason not to enjoy both Leo Tolstoy and Elvis Presley, and he wants to persuade other people that they can enjoy both of them too! Curtis says, “You’ll never think about Dylan in the same way after you read this book!”


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- I wrote the book with D.X. (, which is my second overall book (first one came out in late 2018).

- I have a bi-weekly podcast which I co-produce with PureGrainAudio. (, which I launched last year.

- I write around 10 articles a week for a variety of outlets ( covering music, food, sports, travel, etc. I've been writing on and off since '98. 

- I go on a press trip every month or so as a travel writer, which leads to a lot of "upscale" kinda covering I do, which totally contradicts all the wrestling coverage I do.

- I've been interviewing musicians for about 20 years and have a music industry background. Interview credits are listed here:


Photos of me are on some of my author pages, or you can embed photos from my YouTube:



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Steve Wollett is a producer/director who has been involved in 

more than one hundred and fifty film and television 

productions that you never heard of. 

He has published multiple books covering subjects from 

fantasy to horror to politics. His interests are as varies as the 

stars in the sky. As such, Steve has had many career changes 

in his life. He has been a firefighter, soldier, criminal, land 

surveyor, government contractor, health care consultant, EMT, 

politician, entrepreneur, and ultimately an all around nerd. 

You can learn more about Steve at:

Social Media Links

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Karina Kantas is the author of the popular MC thriller series, OUTLAW and the loved romantic fantasy duology, Illusional Reality.


She also writes short stories and when her imagination is working overtime, she writes thought-provoking dark flash fiction.

There are many layers to Karina's writing style and voice, as you will see in her flash fiction collection, Heads & Tales and in UNDRESSED she opens up more to her fans, giving them another glimpse into her warped mind.


When Karina isn't busy working on her next bestseller, she's a publicist, author manager and VA. She's also the host of the popular radio show, Author Assist on the Artist First Radio Network.


Karina writes in the genres of fantasy, MC romance, Young Adult. sci-fi, horror, thrillers and comedy, romance, PNR, dystopian and erotica.


Her inspirations are the author S.E.Hinton and the rock band, Iron Maiden.


You can find her on Facebook and Twitter, where she loves hanging out with her readers.


Titles to date: 


***The OUTLAW series***

In Times of Violence


Lawless Justice

Road Rage



Heads & Tales



In Times of Violence Young Adult Edition / MC romance

Stone Cold / YA supernatural thriller

Toxic / dystopian erotica


***Illusional Reality duology***

Illusional Reality / YA romantic fantasy 

The Quest / fantasy paranormal romance


***Coming soon***

Broken Chains (MI5 romance)

Predator (erotic horror)  



Available assistance to new and established authors


  • Marketing and promotion manager 
  • Virtual assistance 
  • Blog tour and hops
  • Social media consultant
  • Narration 
  • Brainstorming Sessions
  • Branding and logo design 
  • Reviews
  • Book trailers
  • Design 
  • Promo Blitz
    Contact me to organise a meeting


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Scott Langford ...

The Author
Scott is a retired Asheville Police Sergeant with more than 33 years public service working as a Detective then supervisor in the youth services and sexual assault unit. He also served as a uniformed supervisor in the department’s School Resource Officers Unit, was a patrol forensic tech, patrol officer, and West District patrol supervisor.
Lunsford in his career has worked directly with the young people of Western North Carolina, adults and educators.
He resides on a mountain top with his wonderful wife Robin, a slightly insane cat, Bambi the Dachshund and his biggest fan and critic Liberty the Boston terrier.    
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Personal Transformation Just Got A Look And Feel

d grant smith life coach growth farmer peace joy success be solid


Here’s the core principle that guides how I serve people just like you:

Your heart and your mind is a garden. What you plant inside yourself with your thoughts, beliefs and patterns produce fruit in your actions, attitudes, and behaviors.

This metaphor plays a huge role in everything I’ll share with you. It’s what I call Growth Farming.

This is the method and system I use and teach to nurture success in every area of life. It is a practice of planting, cultivating, and nurturing seeds of love, success, and abundance to produce the fulfillment of your life and dreams. All of my work is about helping you do more of that. It’s what you’ll find here....

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About the author

I am the proud single mother of a beautiful daughter, who is often the inspiration for many of my stories featuring children. I have three nieces and a nephew whom I love from the bottom of my heart.

 I have found music to be a great source of healing throughout rough and painful times in my life. I also find it to be a great source of inspiration through traditional means and through the world around me. 

About my blindness:

Although I was not born prematurely, I was placed in an incubator and given 24 hours of oxygen, when I should have only received eight. This excessive amount of oxygen caused my optic nerves not to develop properly, resulting in my blindness. I have light perception in my left eye, and none in my right. The right eye was removed when I was eighteen months old and I have worn prostheses since then, until recently. I have used a cane since I was about five years old, accept during the period from April 2006 to March 2009, when I worked my one and only guide dog named Star. She was a black lab Golden retriever mix from Southeastern Guide Dogs.

Where I live and work: I currently live in Rochelle, Georgia near my parents and one of my two brothers, when he’s not working on the road. I have worked from home for various freelance clients, while writing my novels. These clients include Mia Bysinger from Rushcube, a web development company and Earnest Dempsey’s Word Matters Blog.

Why I write: First of all, I love creating stories that will entertain my readers. Through these entertaining stories, I also hope to either share the message of God’s love or bring back childhood memories, through my Children’s books. I journal for healing and brainstorming. I am writing non-fiction to help aspiring authors self-publish their own books through Amazon

Hobbies: My hobbies include listening to music and podcasts, reading, crocheting and sitting out on the front porch on a warm day.

Music I enjoy: I love listening to classic country music, instrumental pieces such as classical, new age piano pieces and film scores. I also find that the environment is filled with natural music.

Podcasts I find educational and entertaining: I have a variety of podcasts I listen to on a daily basis. Some of my favorites include: The Author Stories Podcast with Hank Garner, The Creative Penn, I Should be Writing, Ditch Diggers, Eyes On success, how do you Write and Writing Excuses.

My favorite authors and genres: I love to read books by Karen Kingsbury, Janette Oke, Hope Callahan, and I love finding new authors. My favorite genres include: Christian fiction, cozy mystery, sweet romance and Romantic suspense. I’ll also read the occasional memoire.

My Faith: I am a Christian. I believe that Jesus died on the cross to save my soul. In God’s word, Jesus said “I am the way, the truth and the life. No man cometh unto the Father but by me.” (John 14:6, KJV)

Find and Follow Ann

Website  Twitter   Facebook   Amazon Author Page    Electric Eclectic Books

Interviews with Ann can be found on the following sites

Campbell’s World    The PBS Blog    Books and motivation    Branco events 

Also by Ann Harrison-Barnes
Click the title or images to go to Amazon

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Aver Lim is a Singaporean author of espionage thriller books, The Hourglass SeriesYouTube celebrity with four million views and Off-Broadway star with a loyal fan base following. The RED HOURGLASS is ranked Top 50 Espionage Thriller on Amazon. Her international espionage series is set in America, China and Singapore.Check out her great blog

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Marnie is a well-known, sought out Evidential Physical Medium and Grief Support Coach. As a Spiritual Medium Marnie talks to loved one's in Heaven.

Born with the ability to connect with  spiritual worlds, she is honoured to share her gift that has helped so many over the years. Since the age of five Marnie has been connecting to the afterlife. Her ability to feel, see, hear, and read spirit energy is impeccable and the messages she provides are life changing. She is a real medium and really does talk to your departed loved ones.

Marnie doesn't use any tools, she talks to souls in Heaven, no cards or divination tools are needed. Marnie uses and believes in the power of prayer.

People who have a reading with Marnie say "she is a life changer, an incredibly gifted medium and someone who not only brings comfort and healing into their world, but a person who helps individuals and families through the journey of grief, while providing strong spiritual guidance and knowledge when needed. " Most of Marnie's clients are referred from previous clients, current clients and from professionals within the counselling & mental health industry. This says a lot about her ability and credibilty.Link to Book A Souls Journey By Marnie Hill..5 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟recommended

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Ernest Enabulele is a  Best-selling author of "Interview Preparation And Success Tips" and "Effective Interview Tips" , interview coach, motivational speaker and CV/Career Specialist   based in London, England and brings an infectious enthusiasm and a tremendous nine years experience to his books.

 His problem-solving persona has helped him see more possibilities of how he could be of help to those who look forward to acing an interview. After coming across several job applicants struggling to ace their interview, he innovated the series of books, How To Be Successful At Interview in July 2018 and "Interview Preparation And Success Tips" in December 2018.  Having worked with people across multiple industries, in both private and public sectors, Ernest knows first-hand what it takes to get hired in a competitive job market  and would love to help job seekers do the same. Interestingly, his books not only include details of how to sell yourself at interviews but also provide samples, most likely traditional and competency based interview questions & answers to expect during interviews.  In his career years, he has successfully helped a range of job seekers get the jobs or promotions they desire. Now he wants to help you do the same. He is passionate about helping clients achieve their goals  he has worked with talented professionals from all over the world who succeeded in getting job offers in very competitive fields.   Ernest is here to help you understand what your unique selling points are and what value you can bring to an organization. He has authored several books, many of which were written in conjunction with people currently serving in that particular field.   His goal is to help job-seekers gain more opportunities and also expand the reach of their business. Therefore, his books are written from a desire to help job-seekers land the job of their dreams, achieve their goals.   The How To Be Successful At Interviews and Interview Preparation and Success Tips: A Detailed Guide on How to Answer Interview Questions and Bag That Dream Job series are inspiring and an excellent guide to interviews. It is his passion to help you be at ease, engaging, and confident when talking to others about your talents, skills, and qualifications.  His bestselling self-help books for job-seekers include:  Interview Preparation and Success Tips: A Detailed Guide on How to Answer Interview Questions and Bag That Dream Job! How to Be Successful at Interviews: An In-Depth Guide on Interviewing, Answering Questions, and Putting Your Best Foot Forward

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@ support mental health awareness remix 

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Dr. Heather Lynn's Story

Dr. Heather Lynn is an author, historian, and renegade archaeologist, on a quest to uncover the truth behind ancient mysteries. Heather has explored the reaches of the unknown on a personal quest to find the truth about human origins. She broke away from mainstream academia after realizing that much of what we know about our history is based solely on the consensus of elite, often politically motivated, individuals and institutions. Now, Heather is on a mission to expose our hidden history, challenging the accepted narrative found in our history books. 

While an undergraduate, she discovered the extent of how deep academic corruption could go. After earning her associate degree in archaeology, she continued to study anthropology and history, earning her MA in History. Her thesis examined the intersection of class inequality, consumer culture, propaganda, and public education in Early Modern Europe. She went on to pursue her doctorate in education at the University of New England. Her dissertation raises questions about the pedagogical value of digital technologies in museums. As a life-long learner, she regularly participates in professional development courses and holds certificates in Human Osteoarchaeology from Leiden University and Archeoastronomy from Politecnico di Milano.

After much soul searching, she turned down a traditional position in academia to venture down a more spiritual path, becoming an ordained minister and earning a doctorate in Comparative Religion. Heather is a member of professional organizations, including: the American Historical Association, the Society for Historical Archaeology (SHA), Association of Ancient Historians, and World Archaeological Congress. Although Heather Lynn is a scholar, it is her open-minded approach that makes her a true renegade. Her research includes hidden history, ancient mysteries, mythology, folklore, the occult, symbolism, paleocontact, and consciousness. 

In addition to regular appearances on podcasts and radio programs  like Coast to Coast AM, Heather Lynn has been a historical consultant for television programs, including History’s Ancient Aliens. Her own show, Digging Deeper, is now available on YouTube, iTunes, TuneIn, Stitcher, and Spotify.
In her spare time, she plays the French horn in a local symphony orchestra whose performances raise money to provide art and cultural education to low-income communities. She loves tennis, classical music, and a good cup of tea.  

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Apostle Paul Greenleaf was saved at the young age of ten years old and was faithful until around the age of 17 when he became addicted to crack cocaine and other lifestyle choices that created a journey towards destruction. Apostle Re-dedicated His Life to the Lord and was fully delivered from his vices, his new life of salvation began and as he was licensed as a Minister November 11, 1990, at the Mount Sinai Tabernacle Holiness Church in Dorchester, Massachusetts.
Apostle will be Married 13 Years as Of June 22nd, 2019 To Lady Kesha Greenleaf whom he calls passionately His Queen. 1st Lady Kesha Greenleaf is a Psalmist and Internet Radio Show Host. She has a caring and nurturing spirit & heart and shows this through her being a loving wife, mother and strong woman of prayer and faith with a passion for abused women. Together They have a blended family of 5 Boys and 1 Girl. and Many God Children and Spiritual. 
They are Founding 1st Lady & Pastor/Apostle of Enriching Words Of Life International Fellowship Ministries Relocating to Florida in 2012, Were he and His Wife 1st Lady Kesha embarked on their radio broadcast Station Sensational Sounds Radio Formally know as W.V.O.D.  Apostle loves doing the work on the Lord and Enriching God's People with what God has laid upon his heart for true Ministry. He is Currently Boarding his God-given gifts with a Monthly Ministry Call E.W.O.L.M. Revive Us Lord Intercessors Ministries & Radio Talk show's To The Point Live With Paul & Kesha and It's ALL About Cooking Both On sensational Sounds Radio & Iron Sharpens Iron Radio Broadcast On kingdom influencer's network international Radio. And there Couples Ministry - Couples United In Christ, Apostle Paul is Also a Co-Author in the Book Title Meant for My Good Book, His Chapter in the book is (He Flipped The Script)  Recently with a move back To Roanoke VA in 2018 they Currently are in Ministry covenant with Divine Order Restoration Ministries International in Atlanta, Georgia Under the Leadership Of Apostle Derashay Zorn.


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Toshuna Hanna was born May 7,1986  in Baltimore ,Maryland .Her moms name is Bella Hanna(2002) and her father is Larry Hilliard (2014) She was raised by her grandmother Elizabeth Hanna. When her grandmothers health failed Toshuna along with her sister Tia(2006)were placed into the foster care system where they were placed into a family with Denise Murphy who was also a single mother . At  age  21 Toshuna aged out of the system she graduated from Aberdeen High school and then attended Baltimore Studio of Hair Design where she obtained her License for cosmetology. Also completed 3 semesters of college to earn her degree in business management. She works with children in  the Marietta School system full time where she provides support to the teacher with children with special needs . She is a Single mother of three beautiful children ages 14,10,4 that she adores. Toshuna heart for single mother has grown over the last year she supports and builds relationships with them all over cobb county. When she came to know Christ she thought that she would like to help others do the same without judgement. She is a author and co author of book Meant for my good. She has also branch out with her Victory after Pregnancy and made it into a ministry that will encourage, uplift and inspire other mothers.

 She attends small groups where she shares her story of being and single mom and how she has overcome some of the struggles. Toshuna is a member of MOPS which is Mother of Preschoolers where she attends monthly meetings and participates in  supporting other moms. Toshuna is a faithful member of Faith Covenant Church where she plans to grow more into her ministry of serving Single mothers. Toshuna is ready to  help serve and thrive single mothers all over the world. She is a author and co author of book Meant for my good. She has also branch out with her Victory after Pregnancy and made it into a ministry that will encourage, uplift and inspire other mothers.

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Jack Osborne new series portal to hell on the travel channel..yes Jack son of ozzie Osborne

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The initiation 1949

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views expressed not that of myself. .Robbie s Testimony

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The Cranberry Merchant s

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Jacob la mar...J.R. LaMar is a 27 year old American children’s poet who lives in Coos Bay, Oregon
with his wife Chelsea and their three girls Arya, Chloe, and Hazel. He is a stay at home
father and a full-time student with the hopes of becoming a teacher. His wife Chelsea
works with disadvantaged children and together with J.R., they are co-leaders of their church youth group. Falling in love with children’s poetry at a young age by reading the works
of Jack Prelutsky and Shel Silverstein, he hopes that his children will one day find the
​same joy reading his work as he did the others. They thank God each day for the
​opportunities they’ve been given.Link to book.5 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟recommended

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weird  short films 

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