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September 8th, 2018    

I am going to be on Awakening the Unknown With Susan Swanbeck and Michelle Sullivan Friday 14 th 3 - 5 eastern time..8 to 10 pm GMT

I am going to be on Awakening the Unknown With Susan Swanbeck and Michelle Sullivan Friday 14 th 3 - 5 eastern time..8 to 10 pm bio..Hi My Name is Mark Antony Raines aka ghostman the following is my bio...Cryptzoology..I have been a student in Cryptzoology since being a volunteer for C.F.Z... helped with research in Mystery Cats and helped out at 2 Weirdweekend events..I have a certificate and painted gold plastic monkey .Paranormal ..I have been drawn into the paranormal world since my N.D.E .Years ago I was in a coma for Three weeks due to a blood sugar levels of 124,whilst in my coma I heard a woman's voice i have not heard before or since telling me to wake up and I had a overwhelmingly need to wake up and also when in coma I was not in the real world or the other realm hence why aka ghostman.I sometimes smell strange aromas.U.F.O..I have a belief that aliens exist and maybe our future self revisiting?.Bigfoot..I believe in British Bigfoot due to alot of witness statements are out there in the web and like U.F.O say 80 % can be debunked..not my fav word..still 20 % cannot b e so easy to can cause heated debate but I stick my neck on this point.Cartoons..I draw black and white style cartoon s and am published in ... at the back..I am the cartoonist for this online Mag..Podcast..I started my podcast on 22 _12_2017 and in Podbean I am over 1,000 episodes and 6,000 downloads and on Anchor fm .9,000 Downloads .I write stories in wattpad... level 2 Mental health problems and Special Needs -10 years .1 year Deputy Manager at a smal! Care Home.Sing..I write and sing my own songs ... you can say I am a bit weird ps Weird Comedy I did a concept Comedy based on Web Series but for podcast called Behind the scenes of the Holsworthy mark show.13 seasons .6 episodes per season .each episode about 3 minutes I hope you have not gone to sleep by now so I await your message on.. and Good karma to you.pps Lincolnshire Spirit Seekers ..I Do a podcast for this paranormal group... .

June 22nd, 2018    

Mark Anthony Raines of Holsworthy mark show is a guest on Monster Movie Night with Internet Horror Host Bobby Gammonster.episode 846

Monster Movie Night with Internet Horror Host Bobby Gammonster ...Vault Of Horror is the film on June 29th at watch in peril ,don't have any nightmares ....manic laughing in the distance from Bert my zombie friend#Holsworthy mark show #Monster Movie Night #Bobby Gammonster



June 21st, 2018    

My guest slot on HPANWO Radio with kind permission from Ben Emlyn Jones ..episode 850

Audio from other sources..thank you to Ben Emlyn-Jones..HPANWO Radio for letting me use audio from my guest slot on his great podcast show which I highly recommend..

March 12th, 2018    

Sample of my guest slot on Deborah L Hatswell YouTube channel ..Holsworthy Mark Show Episode 160

Listen an watch full version