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March 20th, 2019    

Bee podcast

bee podcast audio  from other sources 

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February 23rd, 2019    

 Rodney Shortridge host of Within the Chaos a Blogtalkradio Show part of the Vibe Network that airs live every Thursday night from 10pm to 12am eastern standard time

 Rodney Shortridge host of Within the Chaos a Blogtalkradio Show part of the Vibe Network that airs live every Thursday night from 10pm to 12am eastern standard time

February 6th, 2019    

My guest slot on David cook the ghostly hour

My guest slot on David cook the ghostly hour

January 28th, 2019    

Sound bath midtown by Sheri Kaplan

Sound bath midtown by Sheri Kaplan

January 26th, 2019    

01_I_know_which_way_to_go kindly given permission from artist  Jaquie Daniels Music

01_I_know_which_way_to_go kindly given permission from artist 

Jaquie Daniels Music

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Absolute_ZeRo_1_ by KEITH LEVENE

Absolute_ZeRo_1_ by KEITH LEVENE...he said I could share the shit out o of it ty

December 6th, 2018    

Holsworthy sidetracked episode 4 worms in space

Holsworthy sidetracked episode 4 worms in space 

December 4th, 2018    

My guest slot on Vegas Paranormal with host Shawn Whittington with kind permission to use

Archive December 3, 2018 of Vegas Supernatural hosted by Shawn Whittington. This week's special guest is no stranger to the paranormal and abnormal. Come listen to Mark Anthony Raines the host of the Ghostman Podcast share his stories of the strange and unusual

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November 26th, 2018    

Thank you to Phil sams for letting me share.this… gitn_ep_12_final_cut.mp3

Thank you to Phil sams for letting me share.this... gitn_ep_12_final_cut.mp3

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October 19th, 2018    

My guest slot on Exploring the bizarre with tim Swartz; Timothy Beckley. Mr.lobo

My guest slot on Exploring the bizarre with tim Swartz; Timothy Beckley. Mr.lobo

September 16th, 2018    


off_the_cuff_with_paul_sinclair_and_deb_hatswell_2_1 Keep reading →

September 15th, 2018    

My guest slot on Awakening the Unknown With Susan Swanbeck and Michelle Sullivan

 I was a Guest on Awakening the Unknown With Susan Swanbeck and Michelle Sullivan I had a great time I highly recommend you tune in..Also available on I Heart Radio  Keep reading →

September 13th, 2018    

Various E.V.Ps…

Various E V..P..from frick and frac k.paranormal and PRISM

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September 1st, 2018    

Miracles by Peter Alexander Lawyrnuik

Please watch and share miracles by Peter Alexander Lawyrnuik

August 27th, 2018    


Cold_harbour_by_Jon_Downes_track_from_digital_album_Imminent_WEDNESDAY_album_is_available_on_Bandcamp_Jondownes1_bandcamp_com..5 out 5 Stars recommend from Holsworthy mark Podcast show.A Great digital album to listen to too if you are a music lover like me

August 19th, 2018    

the_spectral_zone_dacre_stoker Caz Rooney. ..via Holsworthy mark show with kind permission from Caz Rooney to share

August 18th, 2018    

The R.I.F.T Network.Knowledge From Behind The Veil .Host Anan Celeste Blogspot.Radio

The R.I.F.T Network.Knowledge From Behind The Veil ..Host Anan Celeste..Knowledge From Behind The Veil/ Introduction to the Occult 12/13 by The R-I-F-T- Network | Paranormal Podcasts: For the seeker and the initiate this is a space to explore and try on new and old beliefs in the visible and the invisible. Ancient knowledge and new aplications combined to achieve a better understanding of the universe. Where spirit and science dance around often. To help decode the programing of the cosmos through the rediscovery of who we are. In this episode we will emerge ourselves in what we define as the occult or 'hidden knowledge'. As active participants in this universe is important to understand the terminology and complexity of what the ancients called 'The Arcanum' . All those experiences and mind experiments that the human being is linked to, in time and space. We will peek into the terms and paths that have led millions to illumination or to simply put it, re integration to the cosmic unity. We will cover religions, practices and terminology that gives us a front seat on how big thinkers and philosophers came to see our universe. Join Anan Celeste and Rene Hert in the conversation to add incredible life experiences and of course how the world sees the occult and its applications. Follow us in Facebook: You Tube: Blogger:

August 18th, 2018    

Into the fire radio show co host Barry Gaunt

Check out this great Radio show on Blogtalk Radio... host Barry Gaunt who was a great guest on my podcast Holsworthy mark show..episode guide..Dave Spinks joins INTO THE FIRE to discuss his new book, “West Virginia Bigfoot' 08/07 by Into The Fire0 | Paranormal Podcasts: Dave Spinks has been researching and Investigating the Paranormal since 1986 in various aspects, due to several experiences he had as a young man. He retired from over a 20-year Career in the U.S. Military and Federal Law Enforcement in 2011. Since that time, he has investigated the paranormal on a full-time basis and has conducted several hundred investigations during his time researching the supernatural. Dave not only investigates Haunting's, he investigates reports of strange creatures as well as UFO encounters. He is one of the Co-Founders of the renowned Society of the Supernatural, and He has investigated some of the most notoriously reportedly haunted locations in the U.S. and several in Europe. Recently Dave purchased the infamous Haunted house known as ?Willows Weep? to further his study of the phenomena related to haunting's. His sole purpose in investigating the Paranormal is to answer some of man's greatest questions. Dave has been featured on numerous syndicated radio shows, to include Coast to Coast AM and Darkness Radio. He has been seen on the Discovery Network's /Destination America's ' Terror in the woods' T.V. Show, He was also featured in Small Town Monsters Movie; The Flatwoods monster 'A Legacy of Fear', Paranormal Zone T.V., several local news stations just to name a few. He is often requested to be a guest at paranormal conferences as well as a guest speaker on many topics in the supernatural realm. He also contributed to the new supplied with permission from Barry Gaunt

August 15th, 2018    

Prologue read by Kimberly Brouillette Secrets in the Shallows (Book 1: The Monastery Murders) Kindle Edition by Kimberly Brouillette (Author), Karen Hammond (Author)

A deadly storm is brewing over the sleepy little town of Wattsville, Maine. Mystery and intrigue creep into the village like a fetid fog blown by an ill wind. The untimely deaths of two young men shake the quiet peace of the small community, and threaten to destroy the life of a revered religious leader. The spirits of those slain cry out for justice from their graves, while restless ghosts walk the hallways and grounds of the old monastery; silent victims of the horrors that took place by the pond.

Faith, forensics and falsehood mix together to thicken the plot of this elaborate murder mystery. The twists and turns of the case will lead the team into the darkest heart of evil, and the mind of a serial killer. Follow the determined team of investigators in the first book of the Monastery Murder Series, as they begin their efforts to pit science and religion in a battle for the truth. Haunted by ghosts and stalked by a killer, will the team become victims themselves, or will they discover the 'Secrets in the Shollows..Link to books by Author on Amazon..check out my book review..

August 13th, 2018    

James Creachbaum jr

James Creachbaum jr..

Been in the paranormal since 1988, I do crossing over spirits, dislodging attachments, exorcisims of ppl, places and things, cleanse houses,I do investgation,I'm phsycic empath medium,I own 5 groups,admin in 10 more Paranormal groups,I help ppl with paranormal problems everyday.


August 12th, 2018    

Remote viewing …..Skeptoid .audio..from other sources

@Holsworthy mark show @Remote viewing .....Skeptoid .audio..from other sources

August 7th, 2018    

Into to my radio show on Sunday night live WBHM_DB Holsworthy mark show 7 _8 EST

Into to my radio show on Sunday night live WBHM_DB Holsworthy mark show 7 _8 Kat Hobson

August 6th, 2018    


@Holsworthy mark show @UFO_Encounters_on_it_v_show_this_morning_

August 6th, 2018    

Holsworthy mark Podcast show Gina Bengtson and BoB Christopher

July 30th, 2018    

Christopher Di Cesare

 Christopher Di Cesare: Christopher Di Cesare is a New York-based author and lecturer whose experiences as a college student back in 1985 have been the focus of several books, films, radio and television shows including the Syfy Network’s ‘School Spirits’ series, and the award-winning independent film “Please Talk with Me”.
The C2D1 Haunting ranks among the most documented paranormal events in US history, defined by full-bodied apparitions, disembodied voices, moving objects, physical attacks, photographs and audio tapes. Over a dozen witnesses have professed their knowledge of, or experience with, this western New York extreme haunting that found a teenaged Di Cesare at its epicenter, and to whom urban legend ascribed the nickname ‘The Ghost Boy of Geneseo’.
After decades of avoiding the spotlight, Di Cesare was encouraged to pen his own account of the events: “Surviving Evidence - Memoir of an Extreme Haunting”, Dark Moon Press (2014). Di Cesare’s appearance on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory in June of 2014 helped propel his book to no. 5 on Amazon’s best seller list for its genre.

July 25th, 2018    

.Jack Kenna

July 21st, 2018    

Round&Round by 3rd &Jam

Check out....Mark Antony Raines Presents 3rd&Jam...Spotify link.. song by upcoming band 3&Jam

July 7th, 2018    

..Kat Hobson…Paranormal Experienced Radio

Find more episodes on

June 21st, 2018    

My guest slot on HPANWO Radio with kind permission from Ben Emlyn Jones ..episode 850

Audio from other sources..thank you to Ben Emlyn-Jones..HPANWO Radio for letting me use audio from my guest slot on his great podcast show which I highly recommend..

June 10th, 2018    

With permission from the host of the show i present my guest slot on Debbie Perkins Show.Holsworthy mark show episode 802

Thank you for letting me on your show

June 1st, 2018    

Conspiracy theory debate on anchor fm with Bassem negm ..Holsworthy mark show episode 773

 #Holsworthy mark show #conspiracy theories

June 1st, 2018    

Last Freight train in North Devon ..Holsworthy mark show episode 771

#Holsworthy mark show #last freight train North Devon

May 29th, 2018    

Guardian Angels …Holsworthy mark show episode 663

#Holsworthy mark show #Guardian Angels

May 23rd, 2018    

Earth from other sources .Holsworthy mark show episode 646

#Holsworthy mark show #earth angels.#audio  from other link..

May 21st, 2018    

rare old interview with the Undertaker audio…Holsworthy mark episode 637

#Holsworthy mark show #audio #The undertaker #rare

May 15th, 2018    

Pumping iron behind the scenes audio only…Holsworthy mark show episode 614

Pumping iron information...#Holsworthy mark show #pumping iron#audio from other sources..pumping iron the original film has inspired many people into building muscle i started bodybuilding in 1986 ,I even managed to enter a powerlifting contest in1987 I came last.I have been weight training since 1986 and sti 'll do today

May 10th, 2018    

South Georgia..British Island..Rats culled.Holsworthy Mark show episode 576

Rat information...sorry about end bit bad editing on my from other sources

May 5th, 2018    

With permission from the host ..KCOR..Digital Radio..David Cook ..The Ghostly Hour..via Holsworthy Mark Show episode 551

With permission from the host David Cook..The Ghostly Hour hosted by David Cook..Season 3 ..episode 17.Barb Shadow..A Step into the Darkness..KCOR..Digital Radio.

May 2nd, 2018    

Flat Earth debate on this morning..Holsworthy mark show 536

Audio from other sources

April 20th, 2018    

Holsworthy Mark Show on radio 5 football phone in up all night episode 480

Arsene Wenger to leave at end of season thank you for the legacy you give arsenal from a fan since 1968...Read more...I went on world football phone in on up all night to ask about arsene Wenger legacy.





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